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We want to help you to get started with your change process and facilitate kick-off sessions for you. We work with your own process, help you to identify how and where to get started - all adjusted to your company's needs. 


We support you during your change process. Our experienced coaches have helped many companies to succeed with transformation processes with both individual and group coaching.


To help companies to succeed with their support change journey, our consultants can support you by working close to your site until your company has adopted the new ways of organizing work. Our consultants have experience in working on-site or remotely with their customers.


You can not change if you do not see the reasoning for the change. We regularly give speeches at conferences and can tailor an inspirational session for your company.


We regularly set up online training programs and we have participants from around the globe.  You can attend an open course or we can set up a program to suit your company.


We run our training programs as workshops. You can attend one of our open programs or we can tailor a program to suit your company.

Our Team

What We Do

Our Customers

More than 4500 people around the globe have participated in our different training programs. 

We have delivered consulting services to many companies and a few are displayed.

Our Team

Martin Berg

Martin is an experienced coach and organizational change manager. He has been helping several organizations with Agile since 2007.

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Anders Frantz

Anders is an experienced organizational change and leadership coach and has been acting in an agile context in a variety of roles since 2007.

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Ingela Moene

Ingela is an experienced HR Executive. She has global HR and leadership experience and has been working with leadership development in global companies.

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Pia-Maria Thorén

Pia-Maria is the founder of Agile People. She has solid experience in helping companies move towards a culture of increased agility. Pia-Maria is a popular speaker at many Agile Events

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Daniel Wester

Daniel have passion for people and leadership development. He is an experienced coach within Agile and Lean since 2011.  

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