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In Agile People, we believe that people-centric companies have higher employee engagement and performance. We want to create conditions for your company to become a learning organization with capabilities to innovate, continuously improve and use these capabilities as a competitive advantage by learning faster than competitors. 

We help you to accelerate your transformation by spreading the values of customer collaboration, energizing people, and enabling learning within your company through inspiring leadership. 

We are here to support your transformation journey in becoming a people-centric organization. We inspire your company to understand the rationale for change, train your people to make the change journey, and coach you through the entire transformation process. 

Our consultants work closely with our customers to secure that the transformation suits their company's needs and context by working alongside them on-site, or remotely.

It is all about unleashing the potential in your people! 

"It is really


that distinguish

YOU from your competition"

How it started

Agile People have been helping companies to transform since 2011 and over 4500 people around the world have participated in our training programs. During the pandemic, many companies realized they needed to transform rapidly. Making these changes can be challenging, and we felt it was time to progress our offerings further and we decided to form Agile People Consultants to support companies with their transformation journey.

Agile People Consulting is organized as a Sociocracy, a dynamic governance structure where we use consent to take decisions in a psychologically safe environment. Our company is built around our values; customer collaboration,  energizing people, fostering learning organizations, and inspiring leadership.

Our Team

Martin Berg

Martin is an experienced coach and organizational change manager. He has been helping several organizations with Agile since 2007.

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Anders Frantz

Anders is an experienced organizational change and leadership coach and has been acting in an agile context in a variety of roles since 2007.

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Ingela Moene

Ingela is an experienced HR Executive. She has global HR and leadership experience and has been working with leadership development in global companies.

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Pia-Maria Thorén

Pia-Maria is the founder of Agile People. She has solid experience in helping companies move towards a culture of increased agility. Pia-Maria is a popular speaker at many Agile Events.

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Daniel Wester

Daniel have passion for people and leadership development. He is an experienced coach within Agile and Lean since 2011.  

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