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"Success today requires
the agility and drive to
constantly rethink, reinvigorate,
react, and reinvent."

Many companies need to act faster and have aspirations to gain strategic flexibility. To succeed with transformations, reorganizations, and implementing new ways of working, you need to have your people with you. 

We want to help you to create conditions for your company to deliver on your change processes, to become a learning organization with capabilities to innovate, continuously improve, and use these capabilities as a competitive advantage by learning faster than competitors.

Get Inspiered

Learning is a journey and a shared journey. We regularly post articles on OUR BLOG for your inspiration and encourage you to follow us.


Agile People has a large and active community on LinkedIn and if you have attended one of our training classes we have an Agile People Membership community to keep you updated.


We support you through your change journey. Everything from a kick-off seminar to help you to start your transformation process, to coaching you during the change process- all the way until your company has adopted the new ways of organizing work.


We help your company to understand the drivers for change, why it is necessary with a shift in mindset, and how this new way of organizing work will increase your people engagement, improve customer satisfaction and results.


We deliver workshops and online training. Your people can participate in our open training, or we can tailor a program to suit your organization. 

Our Events


We regularly run different events to share knowledge and inspire others in our community.

Training Programs

We regularly set up public training programs. Contact us if you would like to learn more about tailored training programs

Events & Training

We want to create engagement about people-centric organizations and regularly arrange different events. 


Our annual conference is a larger event, but we also arrange other smaller events, online or as workshops, like MeetUps, to have an active community.  


And of course, we run open training courses. We regularly schedule online programs and frequently run workshops.


Contact Us

General inquiries:

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Kungsholms Strand 159

112 48 Stockholm



+46 76 771 1029